Hot Air Balloon

Noble High School Freshman Avery Clark has a hidden talent. She is the only high schooler in the area with a hot air balloon pilot license. Avery first got into hot air balloons due to a yearly Clark family tradition. "What originally got me into ballooning was going to the Albuquerque New Mexico balloon fiesta every year in October for about 6 years.  It's always been a thing I look forward to in the year, not only to see my crew families that I don't get to see really any other time, but to be surrounded by hundreds of balloons of all different colors and shapes." Avery said of her fond memories of this yearly family trip. Attending local balloon enthusiast groups, Avery found a local instructor, Morgan Snipes with Visionary Balloonworx. After attending several group meetings learning how to set up the basket and hook up the balloon, she has racked up a total of 8.32 hours flight time and lots of ground time. "While it's sometimes a lot to balance school, work, soccer, stuco, and ballooning... I wouldn't change anything."