Each school year, our school sites select a Site Teacher of the Year. These teachers are selected amongst their peers and are announced in December. In February, these teachers are then interviewed by a 7-person committee whose sole task is to select the District Teacher of the Year.

District Teachers of the Year
Year Teacher Site
2018-2019 Matthew Graves Noble HS
2017-2018 Michelle Shelton Pioneer IS
2016-2017 Brent Peck Noble HS
2015-2016 Rachael Locke Katherine I. Daily ES
2014-2015 Kate Colwell Curtis Inge MS
2013-2014 Roger Clement Noble HS
2012-2013 Betina Jones-Parra Noble HS
2011-2012 Tywla Fields Curtis Inge MS
2010-2011 Krystal Standridge Noble HS
2009-2010 Rhonda Clements John K. Hubbard ES
2008-2009 Susan Kersey Katherine I. Daily ES
2007-2008 Cassie Huddleston Katherine I. Daily ES
2006-2007 Nathan Gray Katherine I. Daily ES
2005-2006 Lori Lewis Katherine I. Daily ES
2004-2005 Ruth Mojica Noble MS
2003-2004 Scott Allen Noble MS
2002-2003 Karie Hill Katherine I. Daily ES
2001-2002 Melody Baker Noble MS
2000-2001 Mary Powell Pioneer IS
1999-2000 Martha Graham Crosstimbers ES
1998-1999 Lyndal Caddell Noble JH
1997-1998 Bobby Kreutz Noble JH
1996-1997 Ann Gilje Noble HS
1995-1996 Brent Peck Noble HS

Site Teachers of the Year
Year KID
Hubbard Pioneer
Middle School High School
2018-2019 Cheryl Sanders Amie Whitehead Ashley Proctor Tony Morgan Matt Graves
2017-2018 Kendra Barnett Jackie Sandifer Michelle Shelton Codee Becknell BJ Sneed
2016-2017 Julie Slate Zakk Williams Patricia Awtrey Kassie Byrd Brent Peck
2015-2016 Rachel Locke Kem Marley Simone Davis Tim Shortes Fred Queen
2014-2015 Debbie Rollins Rhonda Clements David O'Neal Kate Colwell Beverly Carter
2013-2014 Vicki Ward Cathy Vaughn Debbie Wade Dianna Glasco Roger Clement
2012-2013 Lori Sanden Heather Wuestenfeld Amanda Wilson Deanna Wyche Betina Jones-Parra
2011-2012 Beverly Brown Diane Prince Janna Smith Twyla Fields Joe Albright
2010-2011 Jennifer Scruggs Amanda Myers Lyn Rissmann Chad Wells Krystal Standridge
2009-2010 Alisha Lee Rhonda Clements Nikki Mays Nicole Gray Mike Gustafson
2008-2009 Susan Kersey Jennifer Fourcade Julie Curry Kate Colwell Jeff Allen
2007-2008 Cassie Huddleston Glenda Pruner Tim Mattingly Rusty Baxter Kika Dressler
2006-2007 Nathan Gray Carol Roberts LaDonna Wallis Hal Clary Meg Crossley
2005-2006 Lori Lewis Jennifer Grayson Tami Bush Twyla Fields Kathy Wood

Noble Public Schools is honored each year to award the Above and Beyond Award to support personnel. 

Below is a listing of current and former recipients of this award.

2018-2019 Jennifer Black - Pioneer Registrar Terry Ford - Resource Officer
2017-2018 Pat Miller - Transportation Department Mo Davis - Curtis Inge Middle School Custodian
2016-2017 Marti Vass - Katherine I. Daily Elementary School Denise McMillian - Noble High School
2015-2016 Tom Clowers - John K. Hubbard Elementary School David Rowden - Technology Department
2014-2015 Shirley Armbrister - Transportation Department Laura Harmon - Katherine I. Daily Elementary School
2013-2014 Jeannette Fite - Central Office Brenda Fox - John K. Hubbard Elementary School
2012-2013 Dot Lee - Noble High School Cecilla Peterson - Central Office
2011-2012 Ron McMillian - Pioneer Intermediate School David Box - Technology Department
2010-2011 Terry Ford - School Resource Officer
2009-2010 Dois Anderson - Athletics Department
2008-2009 Gene Draper - Maintenance Department