On behalf of the Noble Board of Education, administration, faculty, and staff, we wish to thank all community members for their interest in the affairs of the District. Your support is invaluable to those whom you have entrusted with the business and conduct of the District. The utmost level of attention is paid to the questions, concerns, and ideas of every citizen who takes the integrity and welfare of the District to heart.

The Noble Board of Education consists of five members, each of whom are elected to staggered, five-year terms by a majority vote of the voters in the designated election district they represent.

Regular board meetings are held at the NPS Administration Board Room located at 111 South 4th St, Noble, Oklahoma 73068. 



By law, the Board sets district policies and has final authority over all school district business. The District’s policy manual may be viewed at all Noble Schools and the District Administration office during regular hours.

The District’s superintendent is appointed by the Board and is charged with the execution of Board policy. The superintendent works closely with the administrative team when developing recommendations for Board consideration.

Request to be Heard

Time will be permitted for any resident of the Noble Public School District to address the Board of Education on any item appearing on this agenda. Any resident wishing to address the Board of Education on an item appearing on the agenda shall complete a “Request to be Heard” card and submit it to the Minutes Clerk, prior to the beginning of the School Board meeting.

You will be called up to address the Board under the agenda item or during the “Public Comment” section. When called upon, the speaker shall state his or her name and any organization represented. Speakers shall be limited to 3 minutes and delegations of three or more persons are asked to appoint a spokesperson to present comments.

The Board encourages speakers to refrain from remarks concerning personnel matters. These matters should be presented, in writing, to the Board and/or Superintendent for their review.

Thank you.

BED-R - Board of Education Meetings Public Participation Regulations

Board of Education Members