Noble Public Schools (NPS) is pleased to continue their Noble Virtual Academy (NVA) for the 2020-2021 School Year. The NVA affords PK-12th grade students a 100% online quality education with the benefits of still being a Noble Bear. The NVA is led by Noble’s administrators and teachers who are here to help support student learning in a virtual setting. Through NVA, 6-12th grade students will also have the opportunity to enroll in online courses with the option to attend extracurricular activities and classes on campus. Want to still be active in sports, join the band, take chorus, participate in vocational agriculture, benefit from concurrent college level classes, or more? NVA can make this possible. With NVA, you can learn at home without missing your school experience. With NVA, you stay a Noble Bear!

*Extracurricular Activities and Onsite Classes will require Site Administration approval.


NPS utilizes learning platforms known as Canvas and Google Classroom to ensure that students receive educational services that meet the district’s high academic standards. The coursework and lessons created for NVA will be selected and/or developed by Noble Public School’s teachers and administrators. All course work will be monitored by NPS teachers. If you need extra help, they are there to assist you - even in person.


NVA is currently being offered to students in grades PK-12th. In order to enroll in NVA, a student must be enrolled with Noble Public Schools. Enrollment Instructions All students wishing to enroll in NVA will need to complete the proper application and paperwork. Apply online at: https://forms.gle/UszwLbSauynj5pHf9


Once a student is enrolled in NVA, they will be provided with a Chromebook (if needed) and a possible hotspot to have a successful online learning experience.


For additional information and the enrollment process, please contact 872-3452 - Dr. Jon Myers (Asst. Supt.)