The Technology Department is dedicated to providing a safe, reliable, and effective learning environment for today’s students so that they may meet the challenges of 21st century. Oklahoma is a national leader in classroom technology integration and the Technology Department works to support administrators, teachers, and students with day-to-day issues, training and much more. The goal of our department is to provide a robust infrastructure and to facilitate the infusion of technology into all areas of education. We are committed to helping teachers realize the power of instructional technology in education and supporting the development of the 21st century student. It is our objective to provide and maintain a reliable technology infrastructure and to assist all staff and students in the use of instructional and administrative systems.

Today’s learner has access to so many sources of information right at their fingertips. The advent and progression of computer technology and the Internet has revolutionized the teaching and learning experience. The successful student learns how to use technology to communicate in many forms as well as to expand their knowledge through research.

We strive to provide many opportunities for students and teachers alike to acquire knowledge and skills using a variety of technologies. Further, we seek to maintain and grow a technology infrastructure that ensures we gain the maximum advantage from our investment in instructional and business systems for the benefit of our students and staff.



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