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At Noble Public Schools, we know the importance of creating a climate that cultivates employee motivation and collegiality. When our teachers report back for their first professional development day, we meet as a district on what is called Welcome Back Day. Since 2007, Noble Public Schools has incorporated commercials, sound clips, and other entertaining features that our employees look forward to attending. Below are several of the commercials and videos that we have produced to motivate and systemically set the climate for the year.


Bus Driving


Tuck-In Surprise T-Shirts

Smelly Smarkers

Spinner Be-Gone


No Fry Days


Dark Matter - Big Bang Theory

Rob Lowe Parody

Budget Cuts


No Videos Were Created This Year - Motivation and Entertainment were Connected to Music.


You Are Many Things To Many People (System)

School Finances


Teacher-Leader Effectiveness

The Power Ranger Energy Education


No Videos Were Created This Year


Office Wars (Energy Education)

The Office Opening

The Decision (Restroom Break)

The Mean-Joe Greene (Supt) with kid

The J. Geils Band - (Centerfold Rewrite - Job's with Noble Schools )


Survivorman Parody of Professional Development

The Oscar Goes To

David Letterman Top Ten List (New Teachers - Top Movie Quotes)

The Light Switch Commercial for AEDs

The Popcorn Video (Kids are Like Popcorn - For All Employees)


Cell Phones Off Commercial (Cell Phone Reminder)

Allstate Commercial (Principal Tracker)

Husband-Wife - All Ages

David Letterman Top 10 List (New Teachers)

Olympic Torch Run

Welcome Back Day Photo


District Unity Commercial

Cell Phones Off Reminder

Administrative Strategic Planning in Action

Chili Cheese Fries for Everyone

I am Ready (Sonic Commercial)

Fed-EX Commercial (Our Teachers) Commercial (Administrators Celebrating)