BOE Members

The Noble Board of Education is an elected board consisting of five members: one selected each year for a term of five yeras. Each member resides within the geographical boundaries of an election district and enjoys an excellent reputation for unselfish service to the community. The Board is responsible for establishing policies under which the school system operates while acting within the framework of Oklahoma and federal laws while managing and governing the school district.

District 1


N Claw

Seat 1

District 2

Wendy Barnes, Vice-President

Email Mrs. Barnes

Wendy Barnes

Seat 2

District 3

James Reed, Deputy Clerk

Email Mr. Reed

N Claw

Seat 3

District 4

Randy Sheppard, Member

Email Mr. Sheppard

Randy Sheppard

Seat 4

District 5

Leroy Lukinbill, President

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Leroy Lukinbill

Seat 5