Welcome to the Transportation Department of the Noble Public School District.

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Noble Schools Transportation Department is dedicated to the belief that the most precious resource of our district is our students. Transportation is charged with the responsibility of transporting our most precious cargo to and from school and school activities. It is absolutely essential that the students attending our schools arrive at their destination safely and in a mental frame of mind that is conducive to learning.

The Transportation Department employee is an important member of the educational team. It is the employee's responsibility to deliver the student to and from school safely, on time, and promote to the students in their charge the moral characteristics necessary for the well-being of each child.

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that all Transportation Department employees receive the proper training, leadership, and support necessary to enable them to successfully execute their duties.

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  • Students need to arrive at their bus stop 5 minutes prior to the bus arrival. Never run after or next to the bus if you are late.

  • Students will be picked up and dropped off at their designated stops only.

  • If you must cross the street to load the bus, wait for your driver to give you a designated hand signal that it is safe to cross.

  • Remember bus stop safety.


  • Bottom to bottom, back to back! Students need to remain seated at all times. The driver will alert students when it is time to exit the bus.

  • Keeping our hands to ourselves! This will reduce roughhousing and possible injury to one another.

  • No excessive noise! Being excessively loud distracts the driver causing an unsafe environment.

  • No eating or drinking. However, water is acceptable.

  • Never extend your arms or head out of the windows.

  • Always follow the drivers directions!

  • Remember the school bus is an extension of the classroom.


  • Stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. Your driver will instruct you when to exit.

  • If you must cross the street to exit the bus, wait for your driver to give you a designated hand signal that it is safe to cross.

  • Never walk behind the bus where the driver cannot see you.

  • If you drop something outside the bus - DO NOT pick it up. Ask your driver to help you.

  • Once you are off of the bus, go straight home.


Do you know when to brake for that big yellow school bus? Knowing the rules could save you from a crash but more importantly, from striking a child with your vehicle. So, what are the rules of the road when it comes to stopped school buses on Oklahoma's roadways?

Motorists moving in both directions must stop when approaching a school bus with its lights activated and the stop sign extended. However, on a highway divided by a raised barrier or an unpaved median that is at least five-feet wide, a motorist traveling in the opposite direction of the stopped school bus may proceed with caution. That means the only time we do not stop for a school bus that has its lights activated is when we are on the other side of a raised barrier or five-foot unpaved median, headed in the opposite direction of the bus. Even then, we proceed with caution.

getting on

Children Getting on the School Bus

getting off

Children Getting off the School Bus

be attentive

Be attentive and patient! Our children's lives depend on it!



Shirley Armbrister, Transportation Director
sjennings@nobleps.com  (405) 872-3455

April Jennings  - Transportation Secretary/Dispatch
ajennings@nobleps.com (405) 872-3455

Pat Miller - Discipline Coordinator

Brian Koehn - Bus/Vehicle Maintenance

Steve Armbrister - Bus/Vehicle Maintenance