Noble High School Ybk Update 
      STUDENTS, 9th through12th. 

Purchase a NHS YBK:
Credit Card order use code 3931 and web site,
Pay by check see information below. 

If purchasing a Senior Ad please do the following:
1.  Contact Mary Hawkins, 
      NHS YBK Adviser through email,
        As of 04/15 only half, $120 and 
        one-fourth, $65, pages are 
2.  Please pay by check. 
      Your check must have the name of 
      student written on the memo line. 
      Your check can be dropped off at 
       the Administration Building by 
        leaving it in the drop box in front of 
         building. You can also mail your 
          check to:
          Attention: NHS YBK, M Hawkins
           PO BOX 499
           Noble, OK 73068
3.  Please take a picture of your check 
       before mailing or dropping off and 
       email to
       I keep a record of all students who 
       purchase Ybk and senior ads for 
        distribution process when Ybks 
        arrive. This is also my check and 
        balance method to how many 
         books to date are sold. 
4.  Several of senior student parents 
      have contacted me concerning ads 
      and purchasing ybks. The main 
       question is how to get information
       to me. Please email your pictures 
       and what you would like said on 
       your page. 
       1/2 page.. 4-5 pictures.. 
        1/4 page.  3-4 pictures..
        stating which picture is the main 
         one you wish to be the central 
         focus. Be sure and include the 
          spelling of the student name you 
          want to use. Example:
          Jason Ray Moore is student 
           proper name but usually goes
           by Ray Moore .. you want the 
            Sr Ad to use Ray not Jason. 
5.   When you email me information 
        please add a phone number I can 
         reach you.  This is very important
         If I need to verify information    
         you’ve provided. 

                 9th through12th
I need your help in the following ways:
A.  Please send me pictures of any spring sports .. games.. athlete in their uniform.. anything. I’m asking since our season got canceled but we did have a few games spring games. I have nothing.. golf track soccer .. any spring sport. Please identify the people in picture from left to right always.. very important so I get it correct in yearbook. 
B.  Please send me pictures of what your student is doing during this time.. binge watching??? Fishing... helping around the house... whatever it is I would like to include as to how this affected our students and changed our normal routine and traditions. 
Please take a picture if you had bought a prom dress.. maybe your date and you were able to meet in parking lot by school .. maybe you danced with your dad in your prom dress.. I’m going to do the best I can to show what happened after March 16... 
C.  PLEASE ask your student to send me an email just saying how they feel about all of this.. did it change their plans.. have they felt supported by their teachers .. the school.  What positive thing have they found in this uncommon time. What do they think on all the rules.. the media coverage.. how it has affected their family/friends.. how has it effected their future?
I’m absolutely sorry this is so long. I want to cover so much in the yearbook to show how our students were touched by this pandemic. I need your and their help. 
You can reach me by my school email address:
If you have any questions. 

Thank you so much... 
    Stay Safe and Take Care 
Mary Hawkins