Hi Noble Community and NHS
I’m Mary Hawkins. NHS YBK Advisor, and wanted to bring you up to date on the 2020 Noble Yearbook. 
We are currently working on NHS yearbook. We are making changes to reflect what’s happening now so ... yes it’s going to look different. We are covering all aspects of the year. My staff will be posting on Facebook questions asking how our students are doing.. please if you see this have your student reply back so we can add this to our book.  
It’s a difficult time but I’m convinced our students are strong, resourceful and determined to make the best of this situation. 
 We still have some senior salute spaces available if you want to purchase. I have half pages-$120 and fourth pages-65 
You can email me at mhawkins@nobleps.com 
please also include your phone number. 

Currently Herff Jones has closed their plant due to stay at home order in their state but you can order online using their email with a credit card. Yearbook Order Center information: 
... The Yearbook Order Center email is yearbookordercenter@herffjones.com
 Our code is 3931
Thank you in advance for your assistance in assisting our yearbook students. The class is not considered core but elective and yet each one has stepped up to finish the yearbook. I’m very proud of them. It’s a credit to their commitment and determination to 
their fellow students, school and community to finish what they started. 
The staff consists of: 
Gracie Chastain - Senior
Mackenzie Stottlemyre - Senior
Rayna McNally - Senior
Shaylee Pender - Sophomore 
Cayston Avery - Sophomore 

 Thank you again in advance for your help and understanding. If you have questions please contact me through email mhawkins@nobleps. com
Thank you.. Mary