N Claw

In April 2021, Noble Public Schools will once again give the College and Career Readiness Assessment (CCRA) to all of our 11th Graders at Noble High School.  The assessment that was planned to be given last year was the ACT assessment.  This assessment was required to be taken by all of the 11th Graders and would have been provided free of charge.  Since the majority of our students attend in-state colleges and universities, we believe this assessment is well-suited for our students and their college/university choices.  This assessment also aligns with the Pre-ACT assessment that we utilize with our 10th Graders.  Right now, we are considering utilizing the ACT assessment as the CCRA in April.  If you have any questions, or concerns please feel free to contact the following people.

 Dr. Jon Myers, Assistant Superintendent (jmyers@nobleps.com or 239-3703)

Mr. Steve Barrett, NHS Principal (sbarrett@nobleps.com or 872-3441)

Mrs. Tori Christiansen, NHS Counselor (jevans@nobleps.com or 872-3441)

 We look forward to hearing any feedback as we decide on the 2021 College and Career Readiness Assessment that is required for all 11th Graders.