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Human Resources at 872-7604 or hr@nobleps.com

HR Documents

Teachers Retirement Member Portal

The Teachers Retirement Member Portal lets members view their detailed information. It shows account balance, years of service credit  toward retirement, annual member statement, estimated retirement eligibility information, and generate hypothetical retirement benefit estimates. If retired, it shows retirement payment history as well as1099 tax forms.

The Tobacco-Free Attestation is required to keep your deductible at the lower rate. Don’t forget to sign in to complete the form. Everyone on Healthchoice High or Basic must do this!

Noble Schools is using an automated service called FRONTLINE to simplifies and streamlines the process of recording and managing absences and finding substitutes. 

How do I interact with Frontline?

  1. You can interact with Frontline on the internet at http://www.aesoponline.com. Here, you will be able to enter absences, check your absence schedule, update personal information, and exercise other features such as uploading your lesson plans for substitutes to view online.
  2. You can also call Frontline toll free at 1-800-942-3767. Simply follow the voice menu to enter and manage absences and access other features. We recommend that you call in to check the computer recording of your name and title. To do this, press Option 5 and follow the prompts.

Absence Management

Time Sheet / Time Clock

Time Clock

Time Sheet / Time Clock





Human Resources Officer / Payroll

Ashley Anglin is a graduate of Noble Public Schools and has worked in Human Resources roles for over 10 years.  She brings considerable knowledge and experience to the department.  She enjoys family time with her husband, two sons, Dawson and Daxon, and her daughter Charli.

Administrative Assistant

Angie Martin is a graduate of Noble Public Schools.  She attended the University of Oklahoma and was recruited upon graduation to work with the Internal Revenue Service, Chief Financial Branch in Washington, DC.  She returned to Oklahoma and served many years as an Administrative Analyst for the United States Federal Courts of Oklahoma.  She works as an Administrative Assistant in the Central Office.  Angie enjoys her lake home at Lake Texoma, water sports, reading, traveling and spending time with friends and family.