Broken Screen

Noble Public Schools is excited to introduce the Chromebook Screen Protection Plan (CSPP), an initiative designed to provide parents with the opportunity to acquire protection for their student's district-issued Chromebook screen. In the realm of 1:1 Chromebooks, a broken screen is the most common and expensive repair. This plan is tailored to shoulder the expenses of rectifying inadvertently broken screens, thus ensuring an uninterrupted and seamless learning experience for your child.  

It's important to note that participation in this plan is entirely voluntary, although we strongly encourage all families to consider its benefits. By enrolling in the Chromebook Screen Protection Plan, you take a proactive step towards safeguarding your child's learning tools.  

The cost is $30 per student per year and is non-refundable. Students must be enrolled in CSPP by September 30th.

Plan Details

  • The first accidental screen breakage is covered at no additional charge if enrolled in CSPP.  The second is $75, and the third and any subsequent incidents is $150. Previous or intentional damage is not covered under the plan.
  • The cost to enroll in the Chromebook Screen Protection Plan is $30 per year per student. 
  • Students must be enrolled in CSPP by September 30.
  • The CSPP is effective until June 30th of the current school year and is non-refundable.
  • Screen Breakage must have been accidental.
Add to Cart

To purchase for more than one student, please add the product with each student's information to your cart by clicking the above link, filling out the form, and clicking "Purchase" or "Add to Cart." Repeat for every student you intend to enroll. Once all the desired protection plans have been added to your cart, please review your selections to confirm accuracy.  Once all students are in your cart, please checkout to complete the checkout procedure. 

 Alternatively, for those who prefer not to make online transactions, you can visit the financial secretary at the school your child attends, where you can make the necessary arrangements for screen protection.